About Lord Shiva - Know the true nature of Shiva

Shiva has been called as Sage Bhabha in Shiva Purana. Shiva is said to have said in the Shiva Purana that Shiva himself is born by itself, only by Brahma and Vishnu It is born, in fact, all texts have different opinions in this subject, but if the matter of Shiva is spoken, Shiva is known for his calm mellow and rowdy forms, Shiva Evening is also known as Kalki Shiva is very naïve. The devotees are promptly questioned by their devotees, Shiva is the most different in all the Goddesses of the world. Shiva is known as a barrage, whose trident in one hand, Damru Chandana on the forehead, Moon on the head, Mother Ganges in Jatao and Nag Dev is Bidhaman in the throat Shiva is called as Shiva, Mahadev, Bholenath, Shankar, Mahesh, Rudra, Nilkanth Shiva etc. Namo Shiva It is said that there is no person who is not worshiped Shiva is also Bhavor, darkness is also light, life is also Shiva, life is also Shiva, death is also Shiva, Shiva is infinite Shiva has no shape, even before world, Shiva was there even after world Shiva will also become Shiva's form, it is not possible to utter words
Oh Namah: Moreover, the meaning of Mantra

Oh Namah: Moreover, 'Mantra is composed of various types of accomplishments. It means that getting away from hatred, craving, selfishness, covetousness, jealousy, work, anger, attachment, deceit etc., achieves the convergence of God with love and happiness. That is, the union of the soul with the divine Oom Namah: Moreover, the mantra is full of omnipotent and energy, by chanting it, the destruction of all the sorrows of a human being is destroyed and whatever the desire is fulfilled it is fulfilled.

  Meaning of Shiv Ling

Shiva is worshiped as Shiva Linga Ling is derived from the Sanskrit language, which means sign or mark, the gender term is used in the Veda for the astral body. This subtle body is the mind, the intellect, the senses, the karmendras and the It is said to be made from air. It is said that Shiv Ling was created in ancient times by Shiva devotee Rishi Muniyo. In ancient times, when Rishi Muni used to use lamp to meditate on his adorable Shiva, the light of the lamp shines frequently and in his meditation In such a situation, Rishi Munyo started searching for it, and after deep thought, he came to the light of the lamp and made it in stone and made it to Shivling Many people in the form of worship and worship started taking the meaning of Shiv Ling from wrong way, they consider Shivalinga as Shiva's gender, so many women do not touch Shivaling which is totally wrong. And because of lack of knowledge of our Vedas, the flowing ones themselves are confused and incite other people too.

 Great night

The festival of Mahashivaratri is very important for those who are adorned by Bhagaban Shib, who are absorbed in the devotion of Bhagawan Shiva. These festivals are also very important for people living in a household and ambitious people. Some people celebrate Mahashivaratri as Shiva's marriage. This day is also very important for the sadhus too, worshiped as the master of Shiva, Shiva is considered as a guru. Knowledge is started from Shiva only. After several thousand years, one day they became completely stable in one place. The sadhus believe that day on Mahashivaratri, the monk believes that night is also a night of stability, Shivratri is the highest month of darkness. Celebration of Mahashivaratri is also celebrated in the festival of darkness. Zero is Shiva only. Science is also proving today that everything is stems from nothing and dissolves in the same zodiac. In this context, Shiva, ie zero or emptiness - is called God of Mahadev or Gods.
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