Build Six Pack Abs Without Any Gym in English

Build Six Pack Abs Without Any Gym in Hindi

How to make a body at home without a gym - Going to the gym to make a good 6 pack body is a great option. There are many types of modern equipment available in the gym, but many people are so busy that the time for going to the gym Do not get out or there is some place where the facility of the gym is not available if you are thin and do not want people to call you thin papad, spleen or bruśli, then at home Thanks to good diet by Sarath you can find a good body. Just three things to focus on is exercise, diet and sleep. Sleep is eight hours and one hour of workout. There will be a slight decrease in them, but if the diet decreases then sleep and exercise will not yield good results.
To make a Hindi body, it is very easy to take protein-rich food. Apart from this, you have to take carbohydrate and fat. From fat we mean always with unsaturated fat such as oil, etc. It is such fat that comes in both weight gain and weight loss. Some people believe that if you eat something before or after going to the gym, it will increase and there will be no use to go to the gym. But it is absolutely wrong if calories are taken in the right amount. If you drink water from the gym Obviously if your body is lean, then do not eat acne before the gym, then there will be weakness in the body.

Do not eat before leaving the gym - Pre Workout Diet in Hindi Neither workout should be empty stomach nor after eating after eating, always eat something before one or one and a half hours of exercise, it will keep the energy in the body. If the body does not have energy If exercising, then the body will be harmed instead of being benefited. Let's know what should be eaten before the workout.
Eat one or two boiled eggs and leave the yellow part.

  • Badam Bala milk drinks will keep energy from it

  • Oats contain fiber and energy remains intact.

  • Banana can eat, eat banana one or two hours before eating it gets energy

  • Brown sandwich can eat protein and carbohydrates in it

  • Fruit eaten fruit contains betamins, proteins, mineral in sufficient quantities

 What to eat after doing a gym - Diet After Workout in Hindi - If you have a high protein diet within one hour of workout, then it will be very good if it is high in protein. Come to the body know what to say after workout

Banana oats milk

  1. Milk
  2. Fresh fruit juice
  3. Dry Fruits
  4. Sprouted pulses
  5. If you have nonwage accounts then eat fish, eggs, chicken
  6. Add egg to Daily Diet

  How to make gaming at home

If you are fond of making a body, you can not go to the gym, but at home you can easily prepare some gymnasium from old age and prepare a gym. Let's know how to make a gym at home

Use a bag to make a sand bag - to make a sand bag, fill the sand in a bag, hang this bag in the room or outside of the house. Now use it like a boxed sand bag.
A big and a small tire - You have to lift the big tire from one side and throw it on the other side and clamp down the small tire in your waist and run it
Iron pipes or roads that can lift your finger - There is a machine or lifting platform for exercising by hanging in the gym. You will need iron pipe or road to do this exercise at home, which can lift your weight.

Use of stairs - You can use the stairs to do the exercises. First, put a ladder on the ladder that is standing on the stairs before you, then the second leg is now brought back to the lower ladder on the ladder, the process is fast Take 10-15 minutes continuously
You can also apply swimming, yoga, rope, jumping rope etc.

 While keeping the gym at home, these meditations are kept in mind

 Many people do the same exercises everyday and do a lot. And we say that we put 300 pushups, 100 Chinappas everyday, but still no body is built etc. Workout has its own science. Applying these pushups everyday means that you are not doing any workout. Good training is important for making body, not long. If you can put 100 push ups, then keep so much weight on your back so that you can not do more than 12 pushups. Keep your legs in high place, keep weight on the back. It means to reduce it. You can do dozens of exercises on the ground. We'll name some of them at the end, we'll just make them touf.
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