Do you know what the cigarette is saying in Hindi, its benefits and losses

Those who have been smoking cigarettes whenever their mind is depressed or have been free from any work, you have seen them burn the cigarette immediately. This is not only about India but we are talking to you all over the world because it happens everywhere. If a cigarette pins start, then they do not know how to leave the cigarette easily

Friends but do you know what cigarettes say in Hindi? As you call the rail to the Iron Path Gamini, in Hindi, what would you call this cigarette? You should have this information because it is a question that you can be asked in any exam and nowadays more tests are conducted in such tests. Friends, like smoking smoking, so the name of cigarette is smoking. Whenever you put a hint of cigarettes in front of you, what do you call it in Hindi?

Go to its advantages and losses

Loss - We all know how smoking is dangerous for our health; this causes cancer and heart disease in our lungs. Everyone knows that by drinking smoke or cigarette we find diseases that are difficult to cure, but still people can not overcome themselves from smoking. Knowing the disadvantages of drinking cigarettes, people are less likely to leave it, but if you are a cigarette or a fond of smoking then do it immediately. Millions of people are being victim of cancer by smoking, but when smoking or any kind of addiction gets addicted, we can not easily leave it. This can only be possible when we make our mind, otherwise we can not get rid of it. Smoking causes our body to face many problems. Today, we will tell you about the damage done to us.

Advantages - There is no benefit to smoking cigarettes, it only results in harm to the body, people who have a habit of cigarette, feel that if they are in tension, they are tension free, but they are not cigarette. Drinks feel good for some time, but as soon as the nicotine effect ends, tension and depression increases further. Continuing to smoke cigarettes will cause lungs to become worse The risk will be increased so ever what the situation is cigarette not selected
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